Daily word for spiritual strength

In order for us to do the works of Jesus, we must ask for it in prayer!

«Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son» (John, 14:12-13).

When Jesus Himself says ‘most assuredly’, it means He wants us to pay attention. These two verses are connected. Jesus says that we can do the works that Jesus did and even more, if we pray. Jesus tried to tell His disciples that He has been given all authority in heaven and on earth and that He will represent them in heaven, because He will be sitting with Him on the heavenly throne. Jesus told His disciples that they should ask in His name and that He would do what they ask so that His Father would be glorified.

God wants prayer to become priority in the lives of His children!

Everything that devil has bound up in your life – your miracle, your promises, – can be released to you by the supernatural power of God. But for it to happen, prayer must become your number 1 priority.

Take any Bible story and you will see what powerful prayer of believers is able to accomplish. For example, what did Daniel do when he was thrown into lions’ den? Did he pray? No, it was too late to pray. He had been praying long before he got to this point in his life. It is too late to pray when you are in a den with some lions. You must pray before anything like that happens! Daniel prayed three times a day every day.

When we pray, invisible chains that bind people suddenly fall off! II

You may ask why people act the way they act? Why don’t people sometimes understand very elementary things? Why do people hear the truth, but do not change? There are invisible things that keep people in bondage. There are strongholds that cannot be destroyed by teaching, sermons, instructions and lectures. They are spiritual things. What happens when the church prays? These strongholds collapse and some real changes take place. We cannot afford not to pray and try to admonish other people; usually people listen to us, say that they understand, but do the same thing all over again.

When we pray, invisible chains that bind people suddenly fall off!

If prayer becomes a priority in your life, your life will show signs of obvious favour from God and men. But every person must taste it for himself; it is not enough to hear about it. It is through prayer that we can experience the goodness of God. It strengthens our relationship with God. It helps us to have confidence in God despite the circumstances. I am sure that my God is good, because I have personally experienced it. I have tasted His goodness through prayer.

Without God I cannot, but with Him I can do all!

We can not do the works of God without God. Very often in our own strength, we try to do what God requires us to do with Him. Often we rely on ourselves and on things we already know. Often we rely on our experience. But when the prayer is our priority we understand that when relying on ourselves and doing the job without prayer, we are wasting time and energy. Without a strong prayer movement in the church, the church vision cannot be accomplished. It´s just not possible!

Precondition for effective prayer is prayer in practice

Prayer must be practiced daily. We will not be able to become masters and professionals in what we do not practice every day. If we do not practice prayer, we will not know how to pray properly. Again I would like to emphasize one truth we spoke of last time. In the life for each of us, once the time comes when most of all we need prayer. But if we do not practice prayer daily, we will not be able to ask and receive the necessary assistance from God at that particular time. May this not happen with us.

Prayer changes us and the things that are around us, it changes our world. Everyone can find that a prayer is power, it is a privilege for a believer from God Himself.

Effective prayer of a believer is a serious threat to Satan´s plans and actions

Why does Satan hate it and is afraid of the prayers of the children of God? This is because in a prayer, we and God become a team – an invincible team. In the Book of Daniel, there is a description of an event when a certain group of people prompted the king to issue a law prohibiting contact in a prayer with the living God. Except for the living God, they were allowed to pray any other gods. They were allowed to ask for help to people, but not only living God. And it was Satan´s plan. Why does Satan put these obstacles? Because he realized that the prayer is power.

Prayer is just like breathing; it is the heavenly aroma that accompanies our life and activities

Prayer is the living breath of heaven. As believers, we can be givers and can be involved in many important activities; nevertheless, without prayer all this ‘work’ will lack the heavenly breath of life. Take a look at artificial flowers: they are beautiful, but have no aroma. We are able to do good works without prayer; but we have to realize that our works will lack the aroma of life, the footprints of heaven. If these flowers were alive, then they would smell.

Through prayer we invite God to take part in our lives

God does not come into our lives without being asked. Praying means to invite God to come and help us. It is a realization of the fact that I am weak and there is One Who is stronger than me, Who loves me and cares for me. Prayer is an invitation to the One Who is stronger than me and my circumstances.

Do you remember Jairus? We read about him in Mark (5:22-23). He had sent his people to Jesus to invite Him to his house, because his daughter was on the verge of death.

Prayer is submitting to the will of God

When we pray we place ourselves in submission to God’s will for our lives. The very fact that you come to God in prayer is the proof of your submission to God.

The Bible tells us to pray always; it is the command of the Lord. That is why when I come to God in prayer then the very act of praying places me in the position of submission to this command. In other words, if I don’t pray, thus I demonstrate the lack of submission to the will of God; because praying is the command of God.