Daily word for spiritual strength

Do You Hear What God Speaks? IV

In order to hear God’s voice, it is necessary that you learn to stop and calm down – calm down your mind, feelings, emotions, and only then you can hear what God says to you. When you learn to hear God’s voice, not only will you have eternal life, but also life in abundance, which is concealed in you. There will be problems, but you will be able to rejoice, because you will be sure that your God has an answer for any question, your God is able to solve any problem. Human mind tries to calculate everything – how are all things going, how everything must happen. Our minds work like fast processors. But the problem is that situations appear in our lives, and we cannot solve them. What happens to our mind-processor then? It falls out.

Do You Hear What God Speaks? III

There is another voice that we hear – it is the voice of other people and the voice of human standpoint. For example, the voice of experts goes in this category – a doctor who proclaims what the medical equipment indicates. A doctor may tell the patient that he will die in three days, because the medical equipment, the analyses and his own medical experience show that. Praise the Lord for our doctors, but we must know that the last word always belongs to God. God often says the totally opposite to what experts say. In such cases, it is necessary that we, while being respectful towards different specialists, put aside the expert conclusions and trust God, not people. The more you trust the expert conclusions and not the Word of God, the less God can give you life.

Do You Hear What God Speaks? II

Apart from the voice of our common sense, we often hear the voice of our feelings. Also feelings have a voice. But neither this voice always reflects what God says. Our feelings are changing, quite often they depend on outer factors – our mood, weather, how tired we are, etc. If we listen to our feelings only, our chances to constant success are eliminated.

For instance, you can often feel lonely, weak, unloved, a failure, etc. Nevertheless, such feelings often do not accord with reality. If you are lead by your feelings and take them as truth, you will not be able to enjoy the life in abundance that God has prepared for you. God gives this life only to those who hear His voice and follow Him!

Grateful people – they are people able for self-sacrifice! II

If we learn to appreciate and cherish everything that God does in our lives, then it will be natural for us to sacrifice or build and altar for God.

Know that when speaking about sacrifice, God will never ever ask you for something that you do not have! His love does not require that, God’s love is not abusive. If you truly love someone, you will never ask from them what they do not have.

Forget about what you do not have, think about what you do have. Be sure that you own a lot!

Sacrifice as a measure of love! V

You cannot say you love and at the same time neglect spending time with the one whom you love. It is simply not possible! Time is our life. By spending time with the one whom you love, you are giving or sharing with them part of your life.

In order to earn money, you need time; in order to spend money, you need time. If you have money but do not have time to spend it, this money will not bring you any blessings. If you lose the money, you can earn it back tomorrow. But if you lose time, you are not getting it back!