26 points that confirm we need the revival

Dear children of God, welcome again to the column “Daily word for spiritual strength”!

Nowadays we often hear people talking about revival – in their own life, in the families, in the church, in the whole country. Do you need a revival? If so, how do you know about it? My today´s message contains 26 points that confirm we need the revival and need the Holy Spirit to visit us again. They will help each of us to look at ourselves and diagnose the problems. We need a revival and the Holy Spirit to visit us if we can notice the following things taking place in our life:

    1. We do not love God as much as we used to in the past.

    2. We are more concerned about the things of this world than of those related to eternity.

    3. We prefer watching TV or reading secular books and magazines instead of reading the Bible or praying.

    4. We are hardly willing to pray or don´t want to do it at all.

    5. We rather make money than give it away.

    6. We have no joy nor passion in our christian life.

    7. We know the truth but we never apply it in our life.

    8. We do minimum efforts or nothing to gain people for Christ.

    9. We find the time for sport, entertainment, recreation, but never have time for Bible studies or prayer.

    10. We are not excited of the word of God any more.

    11. We are more interested in our work or business, than in God´s Kingdom and people´s salvation.

    12. When a man and his wife have difficulties to pray together or they don´t pray together at all.

    13. We are not persistent in our prayers.

    14. We watch such TV broadcasts that we would never watch in the church.
    15. We rarely think about eternity.

    16. When our heart is cold but eyes are empty.

    17. When our songs and worship have no life inside.

    18. When we can´t see the continuous manifestation of the supernatural power of God in our lives.

    19. We find it boring to worship God and attend the church.

    20. We do not practice our faith, so we find it difficult to believe that God can do impossible.

    21. We are more worried about what people think about us than God.

    22. We have very weak or no influence on the world around.

    23. We are not crying nor mourning for our sins any more.

    24. We are no more troubled by thoughts that our neighbours, colleagues and relatives are going to hell.

    25. The fire in our heart, our family and our church is extinct.

    26. We can´t see the necessity for revival in our own life.

I pray so that this word kindles the love of Christ in your heart and prompts you to return to the first love you once had in your life.

Be blessed in the Lord! Rufus Adjiboye, pastor

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