What drives your life?

There are many things that drive people’s life, motivate them and influence their system of values.

Many believers are driven by wrong motives today. In order to live strategically you definitely have to ask yourself these questions: “Why do I do what I do?”, “What are my secret motives?”, “What values influence my life?”, “What affects my decisions and my choice?”, “What is driving me in the spending of my money and time?”, “What drives my life?”


Life is short

All things we have mentioned so far are connected together. Life is time, life is a goal, life is a test, life is trust, and now life is short.

This world as we know it now is not your home. God has a New Heaven and a new earth. The kingdom and the system of this world will be overthrown so that it becomes the Kingdom of our God and His Christ. Your life itself is regarded as a vapour that appears for a little time.


Life is a trust

You should understand there is nothing that belongs to you. Your life itself is not yours, it’s a trust God has shown to you. Understanding this truth changes the way you respond to what is going on around you.

You do not live for yourself; you did not appear on this Earth by your own act of will or for your own personal purpose. God has given life to you as a sign of His trust for you. You are entrusted with life from God and the day will come when you will have to give account to God for the life He given to you, – for all your deeds and words while living in your body.


Life is a test II

God puts us through test in order to search our hearts.

We understand that God knows everything. Therefore, He must know what is inside your heart, right? It’s written in the Bible that God knows all my thoughts, isn’t it? If so, why does God need to test me in order know what my heart is filled with since he already know?


Life is a test

Once we understand our life is a test, many questioned get solved by themselves and we can rejoice and enjoy our life. Those who understand that life is a test, they treat every difficult situation as an opportunity, not as an obstacle. The Bible often tells us how God tests His children. He is not doing it because He hates us nor because He wants to see our fall. Not at all! God puts us in test for few reasons. God blessed Abraham with a son first, then tested him asking to sacrifice his son on the altar. God allowed ordeals in Job’s life, then Job went through all that horror and bitterness.


Life is a Purpose

God has created each of you for a certain purpose. God has a common purpose and a personal (individual) purpose for each of us. Our common goal is to glorify the Lord. However, God also has a peculiar purpose He has created every individual to fulfill. I was sent to the Earth to solve certain problems. If you are driven by such awareness you will live a strategical life. Each of you has a certain goal and a purpose set by God.


Living strategically

We need to understand the reason of life and how we can live our life strategically. There few points about life that we have to understand, in order to live strategically. This is true because the way you perceive your life will influence the system of your values.

Today many people perceive their life in a wrong way, therefore they are living their life the wrong way, seeking wrong things, besides they are deceived for the very same reason.


God comes to us seeking for fruits of saved souls in our life

Let me ask you a question: “Did you just suddenly repented by yourself or somebody helped you with that by sharing the gospel with you? I believed somebody pray for you and shared Gospel with you!

I am sure your coming to God was the result of someone’s efforts. Every sinner who ever repented is a fruit that result from someone’s labour. You probably may not even know the person who actually prayed for you and for the salvation of your soul.


What fruit does God want to see in our lives?

The souls of the people that have repented and come back to God.
Every person that has come back to God is like a fruit. Every repented soul is the product of someone’s fruit that before God. God wants to see as many people as possible meeting Jesus and making Him the Lord of their lives through you. When we help people to meet Jesus and accept His lordship, we bear fruit that glorify God.