Pray for your children!

Good morning, dear friends! For some time now we have been discussing life lessons from the story of a Canaanite woman that is found in Mathew 15. The actions of this woman are an example for all the mothers and parents. Possibly, you are not a parent yet, but you are called to raise up…


We win and overcome in life by faith!

There are different levels of problems and trials. Our faith is strengthened by going through trials and difficulties. By faith you can overcome all your obstacles!
Why didn’t Jesus answer the woman’s prayer right away? Why did He answer the way He did?

1.Jesus wanted her faith to grow.

Why doesn’t Jesus answer our prayers right away? Why are there always obstacles on our ways in the search for an answer? Because God desires to build up our faith. That is why every time when we face difficulties that are bigger than us and surpass our abilities, we need to learn to thank God for allowing our faith to grow in these situations.


God is more interested in your spiritual growth, development of your character than a quick answer to your prayers!

It would not be hard for God to give you what you are asking for; it is a lot harder to cause changes in you and your character.
Humans tend to be so ungrateful. The people of Israel were wandering through the desert; they called out to God, He answered them, but it did not change them. Afterwards, when a different problem came they called out to God again, and He answered them and gave what they had asked for. Nevertheless, their hearts remained unchanged.
God can answer your prayers again and again, but it is not a guarantee of permanent changes in your life. Quite often God allows certain situations in our lives that help us to grow spiritually.


When you do not see a way out and when everything looks hopeless and bleak, – worship God!

“Then she came and worshipped Him, saying, “Lord, help me!» (Mathew, 15:25).
Many people have a hard time even saying the words „help me”. Many people have a hard time acknowledging that they actually need help. They do not want to admit they are helpless in certain situations and call out for help. Help does not come to those that do not ask for it. Only a humble, broken person is able to ask for help. This woman had a broken heart; for this reason she was able to worship Jesus and ask Him for help.
May our hearts be humble before God, so that we can worship God and ask for His help. When you need help, you must humble your heart before God.


If you want to receive a miracle from God you need the ability to hear people and see their action from different perspective!

God desires that we all fight for and protect those He has entrusted us. He wants us to be strong, so that nothing could stop us on our way to God’s miracle.

Further we see that «then she came and worshipped Him, saying, “Lord, help me!» (Mathew, 15:25)
The woman worshipped Jesus on her knees. She did this amidst of all the people who were there that day. It speaks of her despair; she did not pay attention to her surroundings and she did not care of what the others thought.


Do not be discouraged if you feel like God hasn’t yet answered your prayer, keep praying!

Maybe you are praying to God and it seems to you that the answer isn’t going to come, maybe you feel like giving up on prayer, you think that prayer doesn’t work. I’ve spoken to people who were praying for a long time and started to disbelieve in the power of prayer as the answers were not immediate. The example of Canaanite woman shows us that it is wrong to think that there is no point in asking God for help. I would like to reassure you that your prayer is heard today! Even today there is magnificent power in prayer!


Be a good example for your children, your younger brothers and sisters!

Children watch and learn from us, and they will repeat what they have seen their parents do. For this reason we can say they being a parent is a calling and assignment from God; the task of a parent is to set correct patterns and show a right example for the children. When the woman from Canaan turned to Jesus in a time of distress she did not think that she is setting an example for her daughter of dealing with hard times. Our children need us not just ‘to talk the talk’, but to live in a correct way and demonstrate our convictions by our daily walk.


Fight for the lives of your children, your family and friends!

You know that in the history of revivals the key role was played by praying women, because God had given them the burden of prayer for the lives other people. Women know how to carry things that distress them and bear them before God. That is why prayer is one of the purposes of mothers. Mother’s prayers are so powerful! Mother’s prayer reaches the goal! Mother’s prayer brings freedom to her children! So if you are a mother, God expects unceasing prayers from you, until the necessary answer comes. Do not stop praying for your children. Children need your prayers, and other people need your prayers.


The importance of stopping all activities and being alone with God

«From there He arose and went to the region of Tyre and Sidon. And He entered a house and wanted no one to know it, but He could not be hidden.»

Jesus came to Tyra and Sidon to find some solitude and rest from people because His last day was coming closer – the day of His death on the Golgotha. Possibly, Jesus wanted to be alone with His Father to discuss what was awaiting Him on the Golgotha. Thus, Jesus was showing us an example of stopping all activities and being alone with God. We also need – every once in a while – to leave all the clutter of this world and all its cares and to find time for being alone with the Father.
God is calling you today to find right time and a right place to be alone with God even among all the cares and stresses of this world. By doing it you will be able to gain access to godly wisdom, receive peace from God and succeed in this life.