Sacrifice as a measure of love!

Where love goes, sacrifice follows. Thus, the depth of my love can be measured by my readiness to sacrifice. Many people say that they love God, but we can’t forget that our love is not measured by our confession alone. Our love is measured by the sacrifices we make!


Take care of the house of God, and then God will take care of your problems and lift you up!

God sends this word for a particular purpose – to exalt every one of His children because He loves everyone the same way. I hope God lifts us up to a new level spiritually and materially. But first the truth must be recorded in our hearts. This truth needs to be established in us to keep and guard our hearts.

Pray and ask God to show you the situations where you have mistreated people and then repent. New opportunities and new doors can not be opened for us until we repent of our sins.


What are you doing with your promotion? III

Whosoever desires to be promoted by God needs to remain humble and simple. I have noticed that many of us cannot sing and dance before the Lord because we have become very important. Remember how freely you worshipped the Lord when you first got saved! It is rather difficult to fellowship with some believers nowadays, because they have become so ‘adult’, serious, important… David, the shepherd, and King David – both praised and loved God in the same way; the change of position in life did not affect the condition of his heart. We have to cleanse our hearts from haughtiness and pride.


What are you doing with your promotion? II

If you want God to exalt you, you need to love God and love people. God exalts the loving hearts. Love God and love your neighbour – these are two main commandments. All of your knowledge won’t bring any results, if you forget these two most important commandments.

You probably have noticed that God does not answer all prayers. There are some prayers that God does not pay attention to; it happens when we break two most important commandments – to love God and to love your neighbour. Love towards God and people around you are the very power that must rule us and lead us through life. Love towards God and people that is demonstrated in deeds and not in words brings us to the place where promotion from God is possible.


What are you doing with your promotion?

Promotion is connected to the issue of wealth, and we are not talking just about money. Riches are more than money. Health, joy, good relationships, peace, rest, and love – those too are riches. Many people have lots of money, but they lack true riches. God tells us today not to be haughty and not trust in material things; we need to trust God alone. We should be generous and sociable. When problems come, God is the only One Who can help us. Trust God and do good works. By doing this, you will draw God’s attention and earn God’s promotion.


How can we earn promotion? III

God has set particular order in His Kingdom; there are some principles that the Kingdom of God is based on: humble people open for themselves the grace of walking in the fear of the Lord and they experience riches, honour and full life from God, – the Word of God says so. Prideful and haughty sooner or later are humbled and their life is filled with falls and destruction.

If we desire God’s promotion we need to walk in humility and obedience to God. So many people after they get promoted become unapproachable, unsociable, and haughty.


How can we earn promotion? II

Who of you desires for God to be with you as the Partner at home, at work, and everywhere else? God wants it more than we do. But God can not deviate from His principles. Many believers deceive themselves thinking that God is with them, even though their life does not testify of it. It is a paradox. You may think that since God has promised to be with you and never to leave you or forsake you, He is indebted to be with you. It is also possible that God is with us, but not in a pleasant way. It is not about God; it is about how we live.


How can we earn promotion?

Every one of us desires to see God in our lives – strong and mighty God. It is important for us how God sees us and what He sees in us and in our hearts. I was born to meet needs of other people.

God is always good! He does not change. Your problems or illnesses cannot alter the mercy of God towards you. God is always good, and that is God that we serve. Do not let devil deceive you. Know that God is always good! He wants to promote us, but He is looking for a particular individual. He is searching for a person who deserves to be promoted.


Why do people choose to be irresponsible? IV

«Poverty and shame will come to him who disdains correction, but he who regards a rebuke will be honoured» (Proverbs, 13:18).

When an individual does not accept correction and advice, then it makes it difficult to help him to become more responsible. As we have mentioned before, an irresponsible person always considers himself to be right; in his opinion he never errs and because of it he has a hard time accepting reprimand and correction. If a person has come to a point when nobody can speak into his life, then downfall of such a person is practically inevitable.


Why do people choose to be irresponsible? III

Fear paralyzes and limits a person, takes away his strength and courage for going forward; it does not allow person’s talents and gifts to come out on the surface. Fear steals person’s faith in God. A wicked heart makes a person selfish and stains his motives. Such a person is alienated from the true understanding of responsibility for his words and actions. He lives according to the principle “I do not owe a thing to anybody; everybody owes me!»