Do not live without vision!

My greetings to you, dear friends! I bless you this day!I thank the Lord for the words that He speaks to us daily to edify us, to strengthen our spiritual walk and to help us move forward.Today I would like to share with you a word about building or constructing your future. The truth is that we are a product of what we see. In order for us to reach any goals in life, we have to first see (visualize or imagine) them. So many people do not advance and move forward because of the lack of vision; they only live in the ‘now’. Very often people do not have any future plans; they do not have a clue of what goals they want to reach in this life.The Bible says,
 „Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint” (Proverbs, 29:18).
This verse of Scripture tells us that without a revelation from above, without a vision and an understanding of where we are going, without the understanding from the Lord about our future, – we become unrestrained.In a different translation of the Bible this verse says that without vision people perish. It means that if we do not have a plan from the Lord, based on His revelation for our lives, then we will wander aimlessly without purpose or direction and eventually decline.Without a plan and a revelation, life becomes senseless and goes ‘down the hill’. We must catch the vision from the Lord for our families, ministry, and work – infact,for all the spheres of our lives. This is the will of God for us, and it is also the beginning of a blessed and a great future for us. Future belongs to those who have vision.So the word of Lord for you is: do not live without vision! Trust God, pray and receive the vision from above for your life. God bless you today!Till tomorrow! Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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