God wants His children to be a part of the solution for His needs!

Peace on you, precious children of God! I am blessing you at this wonderful day and pray that you do well and prosper as much as your soul does. Today I would like to start a new conversation about bear necessities of God. When you love somebody and you know he has a problem but you have a solution for him what will be your action then? Would you sit and do nothing about it? You surely won´t. It´s one of the biggest issues people have that they only focus on their own problems, forgetting about God´s needs. God wants His children to be a part of the solution for His needs.Some of you may wonder: “Does God have any problems or needs, He is the Almighty One, isn´t He?” The point is that God has decided to limit Himself by people. In the material world, in some situations and in some spheres of life God has decided not to do certain things without people participation. In other words, it doesn´t matter how hard we pray or fast about certain problems, those will not be solved unless the right person appears at the right place. This also explains the fact that God needs people in order to save other people´s souls on Earth. Even Jesus became a human and only after it happened He began to solve people´s problems. There is a testimony about God´s need, He needs people, not just ready to be righteous but also ready to be at the right place at the right time. God is Spirit, He has no body, but our bodies. It becomes a problem to many who are not willing to give their bodies at God´s disposal. The Bible tells us a story about the people of Israel. Long before they became slaves in Egypt, the God Himself prophesied to their father, Abraham that his descendants would enter a foreign land, that God would lead them out of Egypt. God told this to Abraham long before the actual events took place. When the time to escape Egypt had come, God could not do anything about the matter unless the right person, Moses was found. The Scripture says that Moses was arguing with God, that made the latter angry. God wad preparing Moses to make exactly him the man through whom God later would lead Israelites from slavery. Whose help do you seek when you run into problem? You seek God´s help of course! Do you ever expect God would refuse you help because He is too busy with something else? Surely you don´t! It works the same way with God, when He has a problem, He turns to us waiting for a solution. Though, we, in turn, find a thousand excuses why we can´t take part in solving His problems. We must realise that we not only believe in God, rely on Him and trust Him, but also God trusts us and relies on us. It´s important to know that also God believes in us. 
«Because I have called, and you have refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no one has paid attention; But you have ignored all my counsel, And wanted none of my reproof; Then will they call on me, but I will not answer. They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me; Because they hated knowledge, And didn’t choose the fear of Yahweh.» (Proverbs 1:24,25,28,29).
God wants you to become His co-worker, overwhelmed with what God is taking care for, to be thirsty for things God is thirsty for. Do you find it impossible? It is possible, just because He created us according to His likeness. Let not disappoint the Lord! Let not be looking for excuses at the moments He turns to us for help. God will not leave it unrewarded – He is blessing everybody who serves Him and responds to His call. Lord bless you!Rufus Adjiboye, pastor

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