It is the content of your heart that determines where your life is heading!

I am glad to welcome you again to our Daily Word for Spiritual Strength.God is so good to us. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to share the revelations He has given to me.God wants His people to know His Word – the truth which sets us free from lies and sin. The Bibles says that Jesus came to give us life – life in abundance. God’s life is contained in His Word. God’s wisdom and might is contained in His Word! God wants you to realise what great treasure there is for you in His Word. This treasure is not comparable with any silver or gold. God’s Word – it is a jewel beyond price, everlasting, and it brings health, answers and solutions.We discussed before about the importance of filling our hearts with God’s Word. And we also talked about the fact that we are responsible for our own destiny. The kind of life we have will depend greatly on our choices in life. What determines the pathway of our lives? Is it enough for us just to desire to have a good life? Maybe you think it’s important to be born in a rich and famous family? Or maybe you think life would be better in a different place or country, perhaps we should all move and live in a better country! No, these things do not determine your happiness, your wellbeing, the direction your life is heading in, or your destiny.It is the content of your heart that determines where your life is heading!Let’s have a look at Daniel’s life. Daniel was a teenager when he was taken to captivity in Babylon. Daniel found himself in a bad situation, but despite it all he always was determined to honour God. Others in the same situation would have complained, moaned and blamed each other. But Daniel had favour in the king’s eyes. The Bible says that on arriving in Babylon Daniel made the decision not to defile himself by eating the royal food. Why did he make this decision? Because he not only knew the word of God, but he kept it deep in his heart. When finding himself in captivity in Babylon, Daniel had embedded within his heart the source of life, which is the word of God. That was why he was not afraid to disobey the king’s orders that are contrary to his belief. He refused to accept food from the royal table, but instead he remained obedient to God’s Word. Making such a decision he knew that this could put his life in a great risk, because he was there in Babylon not as a person with right but as a hostage who had to do as he was ordered. However, Daniel took this risk and the Bible said that he found favour and everything around him flourished. As thigs began to florish in Daniel’s life and as he climbed up the ladder of success because his life was pleasing to God, many people in Babylon were envious of him. That was the reason why they manipulated the king to introduced a new law that will prohibit anyone to pray to any other god except to the king. They knew this was a law that Daniel could not keep. Though the people were against Daniel and wanted to trick him in this way, he stood firm and true, they could not change him or his destiny. Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, but he returned from there safe and sound, testifying about God’s protection, after this Daniel prospered even more.God’s Word, kept deep in our hearts, is a light to our path and speaks to every situation in our lives.I am looking forward to continuing this teaching tomorrow.May God give you wisdom and understanding of His Word!Pastor Rufus Ajiboye.

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