We are the new creation in Christ Jesus, made for good deeds the Lord has determined for us

Good day dear friends! Thanks God for giving us this wonderful day! Thanks for another opportunity to get filled with His living word! We are the new creation in Christ Jesus, made for good deeds the Lord has determined for us. 
«For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works …» (Ephesians 2:10).
 God has created you with a purpose. We are created and made for ministry on this Earth. Life without purpose is similar to a movement without a direction. Once we clarify who we are in God and what He has done for us – we immediately realise why we are here in this world. So we are made for good works. The word “good” originated from the Hellenic word «aghatos», that means the following:
  1. good, beneficial;
  2. useful, blessed;
  3. pleasant, merry, happy;
  4. superior, outstanding;
  5. noble.
All these things tell us, that God calls us to do useful things that support His Kingdom and people around. He invites us to keep ourselves busy with something outstanding, noble and pleasant, because those things will have a positive impact on other people bringing joy and happiness to them.You have been made as good tools to do good work. The word “deeds” in turn tells us that in order to achieve some results we have to do certain efforts. The Hellenic word “ergon” interpreted as “deeds” means “to work”. In Hellenic language this word is used as a description of a hard work, serious business or a certain occupation.Deeds or works is something everybody has to do, it´s something achieved in general way. It can be achieved by manual work, manufactured or a result of intellectual efforts.Serving God and people means your dedication in whole to do good deeds. It requires contribution of your energy, knowledge, skills, time, finances, creativity and many other things used for the purpose of giving benefit to God and other people who live in this world.Every person is quite selfish by his nature, first of all focused on the human trio: me, myself, mine. Though, God created and redeemed us for good works! Doing good works for God and doing good works for other people – that´s the purpose of my life and yours as well! 
«For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works…» (Ephesians 2:10).
 Make notice, we are not speaking about charity here. It´s a matter of common knowledge there are many people in this world doing good works, at the same time they are not saved because they have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour yet. This verse of Scripture, however, tells us about different kind of good works, those made in God or Christ Jesus. Here we read about our purpose in Christ. In case you are not “made in Christ” by your faith yet, your good works will not made you righteous before God – whatever your good deeds are. This is exactly what Paul tells us about before he explains our purpose of doing good works.Let´s talk about it tomorrow!Be abundantly blessed in God!Rufus Adjiboije, pastor

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