What good does reading of the Bible does to a person?

I am glad to once again greet every one of you, dear readers of „Daily Word of Spiritual Edification”! The Lord is especially kind to us today, and His mercies are renewed this morning. May God abundantly bless you today!It says in the Bible that in the beginning there was the Word. The Word of God is the instrument of God’s blessing. God’s Word is the only link to the invisible world. God is in heaven, and we are on the earth. The only ways for us to connect with Him is to learn His Word and to act using it as the grounds. This is the only way how we can release His power into our lives, and then His wisdom will fill our lives. Everything God has He has comprised in His Word. When we use it, it dissolves within us. If we treat is as our text book, then we are able to obtain interesting information about the events of the past. But that is not all: Jesus told the Pharisees to study the Scripture, because it testifies of Him. There is no other testimony of God – just the Holy Scripture.
«You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life» (John, 5:39-40).
Jesus told Pharisees that even though they searched the Scripture they still did not come to Him to obtain life. You can search the Scripture, even worship it, but not come to God. There is no need to read the Bible only to get new information about God. We need to read the Bible and go to God through it so that He would give us life.Praise God for God’s Word! Praise God for the Holy Spirit Who opens our spiritual eyes when we read the Word.Before my conversion, I often read the Bible, but I did not understand a thing, I did not receive from it; I just saw some interesting stories there. But at the time there were people among my acquaintances who were admiring the Bible; I could not understand the reason of this adoration. They advised me to read the Bible more and more, but I could not understand what the point was. Today, you know, there are many believers that do not understand why they need to read their Bible daily. They have read the whole Bible several times and believe that is enough. Before the conversion I thought the same.When I got saved and the Holy Spirit came into my life, the Word of God came alive for me and within me. I started seeing the importance of God’s Word. I realized that without it I won’t know how to live. Praise God for His Word!What good does reading of the Bible does to a person?
«All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness…» (2 Timothy, 3:16).
It is written that God’s Word is profitable for reproof. What is reproof? Reproof is when you are showed when you are being wrong. Quite often you and I are wrong; we need to be corrected by the Word of God.But the Bible not only corrects us; it also teaches us. The Bible disciplines and edifies us. The Bible helps us to realize how we can our lives and where to start.Every time when we read the Bible with the right attitude and in the right spirit, it corrects and edifies us, arms and prepares us to be profitable in the hands of God. God changes us through His Word.Allow God to help you through His Word. God’s Word is the Father’s letter to you, full of love and good intentions. Let the Word of God become a daily necessity to you, and your life will change. The Word will help you to learn your talents and to use them correctly. Tomorrow we will continue to talk about the talents God has given us.God bless you!Till tomorrow!Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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