Our willingness to be accountable to others and what you do or not do is the determining factor of our character

I am grateful to God for you and believe that this day will bring us many blessings as you meditate upon the word God has given us today. We are still talking about the importance of accountability and Christian fellowship. Yesterday we saw that accountability makes us stronger, more effective and successful in our walk with God.Daily we circulate in this world and it is full of various temptations, that is why we will be tempted. Without the system of protection we will fall into temptation and be overcome by it. The truth is that we are not able to effectively battle the temptations on our own. We are able to do it when we allow Christ to strengthen us. Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians: 
«I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me» (Philippians, 4:13).
 It means that I must completely rely on Christ and His Word and draw spiritual strength through personal fellowship with Him. Besides, it means that I receive God’s power and support through other members of the Body of Christ. I am united with Christ directly and also through my relationships with other members of His Body.God’s power and authority does not fill us when we are in isolation and separation from the Body; it happens when we are in close relationships with God and the members of His Body. The system of accountability helps us in that.Our willingness to be accountable to others and what you do or not do is the determining factor of our character. People who do not give account of their lives to anybody usually are irresponsible, because accountability and responsibility go hand in hand. They usually look for excuses, blame others, postpone things and do not make any effort to reach their goals. Such people act like they are helpless, lost and confused. They play out to be ignorant; they pretend to be important hiding behind important deeds and people. When they need to find excuses, they usually say: «I did not know…», «I wasn’t there…», «I do not have time…», «This is not my job…», «That is who I am! What can I do», «Nobody told me», «Well, I am not hurting anybody…», «I only follow the instructions from above…».When you were a child you probably were taught that you must take responsibility for your decisions and choices. I think every one of us know that every choice and every decision has its consequences – either good or bad. Without accountability people live the way they want and do not think about how their choices and decisions affect not just their own lives, but the lives of other people.If we willingly make ourselves accountable to others, then it helps us to become responsible. And then we are ready to be responsible for our promises, we are ready to do what is right and refuse to do what is not pertinent to the saints. When we are accountable and responsible, we gain the necessary skills and become able to fight challenges and to finish what we start. Being accountable to others means to solve hard problems that arise in life, to finish what we start and not run away even when everything in you and around you forces you to give up.Thus, accountability helps us be more responsible, stable and trustworthy people that can be trusted by God and people. Let’s continue tomorrow!God bless you!Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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