The implanted Word of God changes an individual: his reactions, emotions, behaviour III

I thank God for every one of you, readers of “Daily Word for Spiritual Edification”!God has a great destiny for every of His children!
«For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope»(Jeremiah, 29:11)
I just want to tell you one important thing today; this might apply to just one, two or three people, but it is worth mentioning: if you have been filling your heart with God’s Word for a long time and have been guarding your heart, but you do not yet see the results or fruit, it means God is putting in you a very deep and solid foundation, because He is going to raise a strong and important structure.If you have been planting God’s Word into your heart and doing the Word, but have not seen any changes for a long time, it means God wants to do something great through you. And it is not flattery; it is the truth! Study the Word and you will see it to be true. Jesus ministered 3 and half years on this earth, but it took him 30 years to prepare. During the 3.5 years of Jesus ministry, He transformed the world; His fame quickly spread about, where as only few people knew Him or talked about Him during the years He was going through the most serious preparation work and the building of an inner foundation. Because Jesus did not drift away from the preparation and foundational work He was able to accomplish in a short time what will last for eternity. So we can say that the condition of your heart determines your destiny.Tell God: «I know that my destiny depends on You.Nothing and nobody and can change or stop my destiny if I keep guarding my heart. Help me, Lord, to focus my attention on the things that are important. Help me, Lord, to guard my heart from malice, filthiness, fear and insecurity. Help me, Lord, in Jesus name! I do not just want to know Your Word in my mind only; I want Your Word to be planted inside of me, because only the implanted Word can save my soul. Thank you, Lord, for the deep work You have been doing inside of me. Help me to appreciate it. Even if no special things happen on the outside, help me, Lord, to believe that soon enough I will see the necessary changes. I thank You and praise You, Jesus, that no man can stop me from rising up. I thank you, Lord, that no circumstances can stop my advancement. My destiny is from the Lord, and this destiny is stronger than any hindrances!»Think of your life and of all the things that are happening in it. Consider the things that disappoint you today and cause you to cry and suffer; possibly, you are keeping them a secret from the people in your life. You should know that all of this can change. It will change! It depends on the condition of your heart. Your part is to fill your heart – bit by bit – every day. Feed on the Word, ponder upon it, hold on to His promises, and proclaim it without ceasing. Even if you do not see any changes yet, even if it seems that you are losing the small things you had gained, do not give up! Hold on to the Word of God, keep the Word in your heart and the fountains of life will start flowing from you! You will have joy in every situation whether it is lack or stagnation. Satan often whispers in your ear that you weren’t born at the right time, in the right family or country. God tells you that it is all a lie! God determined the day and place of your birth. God decided to give you life! God has a wonderful plan for you and this plan will come to pass! The main thing is that you need to cooperate with God. The condition of your heart is the KEY thing! Guard your heart!«God, I thank You and praise You! Thank You for the Word You sent to see Your plans come true in the life of everyone that has accepted Your plan. I thank You, Father, for strengthening the hearts of Your people! I thank you for changing those circumstances in their lives that need to be changed! We thank You, Lord, for Your Word that is established in heaven. When this Word finds its place in our hearts, You too find Your place there. You dwell in the heart of those who tremble or stand in awe before Your Word, and You show Yourself mighty in their lives. I thank You, Lord, for every person who has open his heart for Your Word. In the name of Jesus Christ!»I wish you abundant blessings on this day!Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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