What are you doing with your talent?

 I greet you, dear friends, on the pages of our „Daily Word for Spiritual Edification”! I pray that all things in your life would turn out the way God intended them.Do any of you desire for your life to be in accordance to the will of God? You can already start thanking God for His plans for you and for His perfect will. Even if you don’t understand everything, you can trust God and be sure that your life is in His hands. His hands are the place of your safety, and you and your destiny are secure in the hands of God. Trust God that He will make you complete and perfect everything that concerns you.Your destiny is in the hands of God. Your circumstances cannot affect your destiny. What people do against you cannot stop your destiny. Your destiny is from the Lord! Whatever the circumstances around you are, whatever people’s intentions against you are, – these things do not determine your destiny. Our destiny is determined by the things that fill our hearts and come out of them.Today I would like to start talking about the theme of talent and my question to you through out my address on this theme is this: what are you doing with your talent. We will be looking at one of the parables of Jesus Christ that is recorded in the 25th chapter of the Gospel of Mathew. For many of us, it is a very well-known Scripture. For some of us it will be a reminder, for others – a revelation, for some others it will be a challenge from the Lord, but for all of us it will be a word from the Lord today.I pray that all of us would hear this not only with our ears, but with our hearts. This parable of Jesus is about the Kingdom of God. One of the things Jesus taught intensively was the Kingdom of God. And there were serious reasons for it. The kingdoms of this earth will pass away, and a new Kingdom will come – the Kingdom of God. Jesus brought God’s Kingdom to the earth, and He desires us to know this Kingdom, seeking it and living in it. It says in the Bible that first of all we must seek the Kingdom and its righteousness. It is not that easy, because there is another kingdom that opposes God and pulls our hearts. That is why Jesus spoke intensively about God’s Kingdom, and almost all of His parables are about God’s Kingdom.Jesus spoke the parable about ten virgins that went out to meet the Bridegroom, – five of them were wise and other five were foolish. Wisdom is the main thing. A wise person will succeed. Just like these ten virgins, you and I also are heading towards meeting with our Bridegroom – Jesus Christ.Are any of you expecting the return of Jesus Christ? Any of you know that Jesus is coming the second time whether you want it or not? When Jesus comes back, not everybody will meet with Him; not every church-goer will be rapture with Him. Ofcourse, It would be nice for all to meet Jesus.We read in the Bible that every person will answer to God for his or her life. Jesus finishes His parable of the ten virgins with these words:
«Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming» (Mathew, 25:13).
With these words Jesus is calling us to be watchful and alert and to get ready for His return. The fact that we do not know the time of His coming should affect us not to get too relaxed; quite the opposite, we should be alert and disciplined so that we are ready to meet Him at any moment.May God bless you abundantly on this day! Do not waste your life on vanity, on things that do not build the Kingdom of God because Jesus will soon come after His church!Till tomorrow!Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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