Analyze your work and your days! II

Good morning, dear friends! I bless you this day in the name of Jesus Christ! Yesterday we talked about how important it is to stop and assess our activities.Despite the fact that God is perfect, He stopped and analyzed things He had done. If God stopped to give account to Himself, then we – sinful people – absolutely need to do it. I am sure God has given us an example of daily and repeated analysis of our lives. Today I would like to talk some more about it.In order for us to analyze our day, first of all we need to see that God had a plan of what He wanted to get done. He had a plan, a dream, and a vision of the world He wanted to create. We can not effectively analyze our day and our life without a concrete plan. You need to start your analysis with a question about your plans. Ask yourself: „Do I have a plan for my life?” Let’s start with a single day, – do you have a plan for this or the next day? If you do, then ask yourself whether this plan is based on God’s perception of your life? Does your plan include God’s vision of your life? Does this plan bring you closer to the goal of God in your life, or you live the way you like without any plan or design? Does this plan bring you closer to what you want to become and to the goal you want to reach in your life? If you do have a plan, you have to ask yourself following questions: What is going well and what is not? What is going right and what is not? What should I change? Should I repent of some things and what I want to thank God for? What my next steps will be? What am I doing tomorrow? If you won’t analyze your life on a consistent basis, continuously comparing your plans with the will of God for your life, you will end up wasting your life, but that is not the will of God for any of us.I pray for God to give wisdom to every one of us so that our lives would be effective and bring joy to us, to God and to the people around us. Be blessed! We will continue tomorrow.God’s peace to you! Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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