Changed people think and act like God III

Welcome, precious children of God to our column «Daily word for spiritual strength»! I pray, so that God´s mercy fills your life today.For a long time already we´ve been reasoning about God´s philosophy of transformation. Examples taken from the Bible show to us that transformed people think and act God´s way. They treat other people the way God does. God uses our relationships to show us what is inside our hearts and what we need to change.Talking about transformation we mean changes of our point view, changes in our hearts, in our characters and our circumstances. Any changes should take place within us first. I have to allow God to change myself and my character. Jesus said: 
«There is nothing from outside of the man, that going into him can defile him; but the things which proceed out of the man are those that defile the man.» (Mark 7:15).
 followed by: 
«If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear!» (Mark 7:16).
 Let God help us to have ears to hear what the Lord says to us! A transformed person knows how to treat those who feel high and also those who feel depressed. One of the signs you are transformed shows your right attitude towards other people. How do you treat other people? God will always surround you by people, since He wants you to have inner harmony and peace. If you lose your peace while looking at a person it proves you need changes. Things which come from man´s heart not from outside defile him. Take this word personally and God will change you and your attitude. You don´t have to remain a slave of your sorrow, fear, unforgiving, envy and bitterness. You can get free of all this stuff today. You are able to look in the eyes of people with love while having deep peace inside your heart.I want you to treat all the relationships you have as a tool God is using to transform you. You probably keep on asking God to change you. Certain people God will sent on your way is the answer to your prayers. Hurry not to break any relationships with people, or you are in risk to miss the opportunities provided to you by God to transform you. Let´s pray together:«Lord, thank You for this word. I thank You for my ability to hear and understand Your word. You said we are mislead without the knowledge of the Scripture and God´s power. Thank You, Jesus, that we will not be mislead any more, because now we know the Scripture and we have Your power. I accept this message about God´s philosophy of changes for myself personally. I believe all circumstances around me will change. I believe my relationships with my family, friends, my children and colleagues will change.Father, Your word says man´s heart is tricky and completely defiled. Only You know what is inside my heart, I do not. Therefore, I am asking You, Lord, remove it all and cleanse my heart. I thank You, Lord, for helping me with this through my relationships I have or I have to have. Also, thank You, Lord, for Your mercy that leads me to repentance every day. Thank You, Jesus, for every circumstances You permit in my life in order to transform me into the likeness of Christ!I lean on You, Lord, because changes can be achieved by the Holy Spirit alone, not by human power nor by armed forces. Help me to get transformed into Your likeness! Thank You, Lord, for letting me know Your truth and Your power that transforms me and my character! All glory and gratitude are Yours, my Lord!» See you tomorrow!God bless you abundantly!Rufus Adjiboje, pastor

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