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What is actually the difference between resurrected life and having life abundantly?

Grace and peace be multiplied by our Lord, Jesus Christ! I am glad about the opportunity to meet you in our column Daily word for spiritual strength” today! Thanks to God for this wonderful chance to share His wisdom with you and inspire at least some of you. Today I would like to talk about resurrected life and about having life abundantly.

Jesus said:


 «I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.» (John 10:10)


Jesus came that we may have life (resurrected life), and may have it abundantly. We receive life right after we have repented our sins. This is resurrected life, so death has no power over us any more. Having received Jesus in your heart you have migrated from death into life everlasting. As long as Christ lives in you, you will not die because of the life everlasting (resurrected life).

Even though, having resurrected life you may not have it abundantly. I am pretty sure you know some believers, whose life in Christ (resurrected life) is hidden, but looking at their way of life you wouldn´t say they have it abundantly. Why so? Because we have to learn how to live our resurrected life abundantly. It doesn´t happen automatically. Fellowship with God helps us to make it happen. What is actually the difference between resurrected life and having life abundantly?

Having repented your sins you are granted resurrected life, while life abundant is still hidden in God. You need the life abundant here, on this Earth. However, to have such life here on Earth we have to learn how to bring our heavenly possession on Earth. We have to have victorious life no matter what we do. Time we spend in fellowship with God is time when our resurrected life is being converted into life abundant.

Imagine the situation: you are a very well off Latvian with a lump sum of cash in your pocket. One day you decide to move to the United States. Once you got there you enter a shop and try to pay for the goods in lats, but they didn´t accept them. It turned out that you can´t use your treasure there, because lats have no value in USA. Meanwhile, you have a chance to convert your lats into the local currency and become rich there again. Without such conversion you will stay poor, regardless of the huge amount of cash in your pocket.

God is willing to give us life abundantly, but we need to learn how to enter such life. It´s only possible without having fellowship with God and walking in the light of His word!

We will continue tomorrow!

Be abundantly blessed in the Lord!

Rufus Adjiboje, pastor

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