How to develop a habit of prayer in our life?

Many greetings and blessings to you, my friends!I am so thankful to the Lord for giving us His Word as a daily strength to help us to go forward. Today I wish to discuss the topic: “How to make prayer as a habit?”We´ve been learning about prayer and how to make your life in prayer effective for a long time already. We have speculated a lot about what prayer is and why we need to pray. We looked at the lives of many biblical heroes, who lived in prayer, we also mentioned many important aspects related to prayer itself.Jesus set the best example of what a life in prayer has to be like. It was emphasised that everything Jesus made was made by His Word, therefore, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. When Jesus builds His church by The Word and builds your life by The Word, the gates of hell shall notprevail against it.
“Everyone therefore who hears these words of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man, who built his house on a rock.” (Matthew 7:24).
Serious calamities like wind, flood or storm can one day come into everybody´s life, but when your house or your life, is built up on the Word of God, the building will not collapse, because the gates of hell shall not prevail against what the God has established.How can you be sure The God is building your life? Everything the God builds He builds it on His Word. The Word of God has to be in the centre of your life, then you can be certain that your life is build by the God.In other words, everything I do is what the God tells me to do, it comes from my relationships with Him, from the revelation I possess through the personal relationships with God. That´s why my prayer is the most important thing to me in this case, it helps me to create and develop personal relationships with God.Therefore, each time you get a word from God, especially when He keeps drawing your attention on a particular verse for a long time, there is something He wants to do in your life. So, the God wants you to make your life in prayer effective.Meanwhile, there are two different lives in prayer – effective and ineffective. How can we develop an effective life in prayer? We can study examples from The Bible and also theology of prayer many times. It won´t be waste of time at all, but it would give you no benefit without practising the prayer itself. In other words, you may have all the books ever written about prayer read, all the sermons ever read listened to, you may know what prayer is and what the right way of praying is. You may know the kinds of prayer exist and why we need to pray, – all these things have no impact to your life if you don´t put them into practise.That´s exactly what I wish to talk about today.How to develop a habit of prayer in our life?Someone would say:«Thanks God, I already have such habit». I am glad about you. The other might say «I´ve already tried, but failed to do so”. I am glad about you too.I pray today, so that this Word helps you to overcome your weakness and instability solving this issue.First of all, I want to stress out the fact, that prayer is love relationships with God. Why do I mention that and why it´s so important when you try to make prayer as your habit. We already discussed it, that prayer is not learning of different methods about how convince God to do our will. Lack of necessity to pray is one of few reasons why believers pray just a little.Some people think they should continuously pray only when there is a serious problem in their lives, otherwise, there is no reason to pray all the time. Those who are always in need live in prayer, so do those who are well off, but their prayers are rather formal.Such things happen due to misunderstanding of what prayer is. Prayer is love! Prayer stands for the relationships of two persons loving each other, two hearts beating together – the heart of a person who believes in Christ and the heart of the loving God. We better see the necessity to pray, when focusing on how to build our relationships with God.Showing your love to The God, our Creator, one who loves us with love everlasting.Be blessed in the Name of the Lord!Meet you again tomorrow!Rufus Ajiboye, pastor.

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