Life is a Purpose

Welcome, dear friends! Grace and peace from our Father God and our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you! Yesterday we started to talk about “strategical living”. As we said, life is time. Right attitude towards time helps us to rightly to life itself and vice verse. Each of us should pay great attention to the way we manages his time. Today I would like to look at another side of life: 
  1. Life is a Purpose.
 God has created each of you for a certain purpose. God has a common purpose and a personal (individual) purpose for each of us. Our common goal is to glorify the Lord. However, God also has a peculiar purpose He has created every individual to fulfill. I was sent to the Earth to solve certain problems. If you are driven by such awareness you will live a strategical life. Each of you has a certain goal and a purpose set by God. 
« For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before that we would walk in them.»(Ephesians 2:10).
 Each of you was created to solve a certain task from God. That’s why God has given you this time. Life is time, that’s why you should use it for solving your task. Therefore, if you dedicate your time to getting to know God’s will for your life, then to fulfilling your purpose, you won’t have time to do wrong things. The task assigned to you by God can make you either popular or unpopular, a leader or a subordinate. It’s important to dedicate yourself to fulfilling God’s goals. God’s goal may also determine whether you will live a short or a long life. It’s important to accept God’s goal then fulfil it. You have to respect that goal and do your best to achieve it. God’s goal is a place of your blessings. God’s goal for your life is something that will make you a blessing for the other people. God’s goal dresses you up and helps you to improve this world. It helps you to be a blessing everywhere you go. Your appearance should make people feeling better. The goal and the purpose of God help you to enrich the church, enrich people and the land where God has set you to live. Your goal helps you to glorify the Lord on Earth. Life is a goal! You live, then you have a goal. But what is that goal? What drives you every day? Life is a goal! Life is time! It’s important to know God, because without relationships with Him you will never get to know the goal of your life. Jesus revealed Himself and His task through the Scriptures first, then dedicated Himself to this task, dedicated Himself to fulfilling the goal received from God. The closer we are to God, the easier for us to get to know His will and the goal for our life. When you are close to God, you hear His voice, so God can easily lead you, then you follow His way. Having close relationships with God make you sensitive to His voice and guidance. Tomorrow we are going to discuss what certain tests our life is connected to. God bless you abundantly! Rufus Adjiboje, pastor

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