The Christian as an ambassador II

Peace and mercy from our Lord, Jesus Christ be multiplied in your life! I believe the word I am sharing with you in this column does strengthen you and help you to continue your journey to life everlasting. As we concluded earlier, it’s impossible to please God without understanding our role and purpose on the Earth. We also mentioned that God helps us to reach such understanding through His word. Metaphors used in the Bible help to reveal what God expects from us and how we can please Him. Yesterday we considered one of those metaphors – “ambassador” or “messenger”. God in His word calls us messengers, – those through whom God reconciles this world with Himself. As children of God, we need a revelation of who we are in Christ Jesus, in order to walk in God’s authority and reign over the Earth. The devil desires to establish his rules of evil in the world we’re living in and he wants to destroy this world through sin and disobedience. The devil has managed to blindfold the mind and the reasoning of many people to such an extent that they even deny God’s word and God’s authority over them. Thus, the devil is subtly trying to establish his dominion over this world and his rule over the lives of people that have been captured by him. By all means he tries to blackmail or slander God in the eyes of people. Devil promotes and implements his plans through a different lifestyle, called INDEPENDENCE FROM GOD. By making people independent from God, the devil later makes them dependent on him. It is such people who are independent from God that the devil needs in order promote his program and to manifest his nature. The Bible says he (the devil) is a murderer and a liar (John 8: 44). While God desires to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the devil desires to establish a kingdom of darkness on this earth as well. He entered this world through deception and craftiness by sowing the seed of discord between God and mankind. He deceived Eve, saying God had hidden something from her. However, Jesus came to this Earth to destroy all works of the devil. 
«To this end the Son of God was revealed, that he might destroy the works of the devil». (1st John 3:8).
 So as we already discussed, Jesus restored God’s nature to us and gave us the ability to walk in God’s love (God’s nature). In Christ, God granted us the ability to defeat evil with good, walk in forgiveness and love, bring light into darkness and thus reconcile people with God. After Jesus restored us back to God and reconciled us with Him; after He brought the light and the nature of God to us, He returned to Heaven and commanded us (His disciples) to stay on the Earth as His messengers and ambassadors. Therefore, it so important that we don’t only have the revelation from God that we are the messengers and ambassadors of Heaven here on Earth, who have been sent to establish on the earth the will, the order and the perfect plan of our Heavenly Father, but it also very important that we walk in accordance to this revelation. Be blessed! Let’s continue tomorrow! Rufus Ajiboye, pastor

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