What are you doing with your promotion? II

Greetings to you, dear friends!I thank God for you and I believe that this day will bring you many blessings, as you ponder upon the word that God is giving us today.For several days now we have been talking about God’s promotion, why God exalts some and humbles other people. We saw that humility precedes exaltation and that pride leads to a fall. We also established that God exalts a person not for his own good, but for the good of many other people that God sends into his life.Once I was in a shop and witnessed how shop assistants interacted with customers; I saw how rude and inconsiderate these shop workers were. One of the shop assistants answered me in a very rude manner. I did not take it personally, but I realized that she did not fit to do this job and I told her so. God placed her there to serve people and not to humiliate them. Many people are without a job today and they are asking God to give them one. I did something at that time that I rarely do; I told her that I am dismissing her from this job. I did that in the authority God had given me. I spoke the word and left. You know, in a short time the shop was closed and this woman was fired. People should be worthy of their position. Promotion comes not from a boss, but from the Lord. Let’s be worthy of the promotion from the Lord. Serve people, think of others, and help people to solve their problems. I say this in the fear of the Lord, because I understand how serious it is.
«Before destruction the heart of a man is haughty, and before honour is humility» (Proverbs, 18:12).
God desires to promote us. If today things are going well in your life, don’t speak badly of those less fortunate. Help them any way you can, and God will exalt you even higher.The story of David and Saul is quite interesting and significant. God called David ‘a man after His own heart’, but David did not get there in one night. David earned his promotion before God. Besides, God said that David’s throne will be established forever and it is true today. In the beginning David was a shepherd, and, humanly speaking, he did not deserve to be among his brothers. When Samuel came to anoint the new king, David’s father did not even consider his youngest son. But God saw David’s heart that it was filled with love towards God.If you want God to exalt you, you need to love God and love people. God exalts the loving hearts. Love God and love your neighbour – these are two main commandments. All of your knowledge won’t bring any results, if you forget these two most important commandments.You probably have noticed that God does not answer all prayers. There are some prayers that God does not pay attention to; it happens when we break two most important commandments – to love God and to love your neighbour. Love towards God and people around you are the very power that must rule us and lead us through life. Love towards God and people that is demonstrated in deeds and not in words brings us to the place where promotion from God is possible.All your prayers will receive God’s answers, if they are based on the love for God and people! God exalts those who love God and people, who serve God and people, and who cares for the work of God’s Kingdom and for the needs of people.I believe that every one of us – being not just hearer, but doer of this word – will be exalted by God. Nothing is hard or impossible for God! God makes sure that His Word comes true!May God bless you abundantly and may God’s promotion come into your life!Till tomorrow! Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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