Everything that is hidden will unavoidably be brought into the light

Peace to you, dear children of God! I bless you today and pray that you may have success in every area of your life. I want to continue from yesterday and talk about the fact that everything that is hidden will unavoidably be brought into the light. We talked about how important it is for you and me to be ready to repent as soon as the Holy Spirit convicts us of anything. Today I would like us to look into one more passage of the Scripture on this issue:
«For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil» (Ecclesiastes, 12:14).
Solomon said the same thing Jesus said: God will bring into judgment our every work and especially all the hidden works: sins, wrongdoings that we have tried to keep in secret. God will openly bring our every deed into the light of His judgment. It means that all our sins will follow us wherever we go. The only way we can avoid the consequences of our sins and wrongdoings – is to repent before God brings them into the judgment. Repentance opens to us the door of mercy and grace from the Lord. It brings into our life new opportunities from the Lord. For this reason the only right lifestyle and the only correct decision is to repent of our wrongdoings so that God won’t have to judge us.
«Some men’s sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later» (1Timothy, 5:24).
You can understand this verse of Scripture in two different ways. On one hand, some sins are obvious and make people ashamed and those sins call out for immediate condemnation. But there are also secret sins that get revealed later. What does that mean? It means you and I can’t hide our sins and wrongdoings and evil motives in a way that they won’t be eventually revealed. That is why God warns us not to hide anything in our hearts, but to bring them into open before God reveals them, because then it will be too late and too painful. The Bible contains several stories of men hiding their sins and not repenting in due time.
  • The story of Ananias and Sapphira ended with the death of these people (Acts, 5). They lied, kept back a large sum of money, at the same time trying to give an impression that they did everything correctly. Ananias and Sapphira did not repent of their sin. They kept it in secret, but it still was revealed by the Holy Spirit. The result was their death.
  • Another significant story is the story of Gehazi, Elisha’s servant (2 Kings, 5). Gehazi deceived Naaman when he told him that Elisha was asking for money. And when Gehazi went back to Elisha he lied again and did not repent. As a result of this he became leprous until the end of his days.
  • This principle also applies to the story of Achan (Joshua, 7). Achan took what was forbidden, accursed by the Lord and hid it in his tent. He did not repent of his sin, but later it all was revealed and obvious. As a result, Achan and all his family were burned right there, at the place of his sin.
This is what happens to those that are unrepentant. Our hidden sins sooner or later will become apparent. For this very reason God is calling us to remember that everything hidden will soon come into light. God gives us a chance to repent. Repentance is our chance for a new beginning. Let’s use this chance given by God, so that our life could be filled with His mercy and His grace every day.May God bless you! We will continue tomorrow! Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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