Why it is necessary for us to make praise as a way of life

Dear friends, I will like encourage you again today by focusing your attention on the power of praise.Yesterday we saw that praise is a weapon of war that God has designed for us to walk in victory. We saw how the King of Judah used that weapon to gain victory over the great company of mobile forces that came against him. Today, I want us to see more reason why it is necessary for us to make praise as a way of life. Praise as a demonstration of our faith in God. In Roman 4: 20 we are told that Abraham He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God. One of the ways we can both demonstrate and build a strong faith in our lives is to learn to give glory. One way we can give glory to God is to believe Him, praise Him and holding unto His word despite the negative circumstances of life. Only those who believe God is in control of their lives and their situations can live such a life. But the truth is that we cannot enjoy the life of God until we learn to give glory to Him by demonstrating our faith in Him through praise on a daily basis. One other reason praise is so important is that it removes the spirit of heaviness. The bible declares in the book of Isaiah 61: 3 one of the receipts for the spirit of heaviness is the garment of praise. Praise and the spirit of heaviness can not cohabitate. Depression and heaviness flees as soon as we wear the garment of praise. This scripture also made it clear that praise is a garment to be put on. One of the functions of garment is protection. So God want to protect your life from the spirit of heaviness and He has given you the garment of praise, but you must put the garment on yourself. Let me ask you this question today: going about your daily duty in your garment of praise? Think about how important this is in your life. The next thing I want you to see about the importance of praise is that it silence the voice of the enemy and the accuser of your soul. In Psalm 8: 3, the bible teaches that God has ordained praise (strength in some translation) out of the mouth of babes to still the enemy and the avenger. Praise drives away the presence of satan who is referred to as the enemy, the avenger and the accuser. Do you know why? It is because praise ushers in the presence of God. When God comes on the scene, there is no room for the devil. There will be no need to bind the devil in the gathering of the saints, if they will just focus on worshiping and praising the Lord. The devil will leave by himself. That is how powerful praise is. It will silence the enemy and force him out of your life and situations if praise will continually flow out of your mouth. Many Christian are giving too much attention to the devil and his work instead of praising God and magnifying His power in their lives. Friend God wants that to change in your life from today on. Stop repeating the word of the enemy, stop magnifying his works and activities and begin to magnify God more and more in your life by making praise a way of life.One last thing I want to say about this is that Praise focuses you on God and enthrones Him in you life. The Bible says God inhabits the praises of His people. You live in a vacuum if praise is not your way of life. I pray God will help you to see the importance of praise as never before in your life.Spend some time today and praise God as you have not done in recent time and proof that God’s word works. May God bless your day with God manifest presence! Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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