God gives to everyone according to his or her ability

How good and wonderful is our Lord Jesus Christ! His majesty and beauty surrounds us every day. And this day is not an exception! God’s mercies are new this morning for every one of us!How do we take this daily mercy and grace that God shows to us? God expects us to be busy with His work; He wants us to use and to develop our talents for the Kingdom of God. God has not deprived us of talents; He has given gifts to everyone.
„And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability…» (Mathew, 25:15).
Ability is power for action and achievement. Every one of us has some amount of power and ability. Abilities determine what God can entrust you with or give to you. Why did God give five talents to one, but only one to another? The person who was given five talents had developed his ability to the level of five talents. The person who was given one talent had developed his ability to the level of one talent, so it was impossible to entrust to him anything more than that. You might be asking God why He does not give you more than you have today. He cannot give you more because you won’t be able to manage it. God knows our abilities; by considering them, He shows us His love. It is God’s love that gives to us according to our abilities – no more and no less. Everything you have at the moment fits the level you can manage and it matches your abilities. If you want to have more – more money, influence, fruit or anything else – then you need to develop your ability, because God won’t give more than you can handle. We do not have problems with desires and fantasies; we want so much; but coupled with every blessing, there is responsibility. Do not ask God to give you blessings, if you are not ready to take full responsibility for it, because it can destroy you and you will lose a lot more than just the blessing.God gives to everyone according to his or her ability. We all want more. We want our churches to have more people, but God – according to your ability – will give you what you can handle. God will be able to entrust you His blessings according to the level of your responsibility. For example, you are in a predicament and you think, „Why do I have to live through this?” But God knows that you can handle it. We often are not aware of how responsible or irresponsible we are, but God is. God knows the burden you are able to carry. You may think and say to yourself, «No, I am not able to bear this! I am not capable!» Until you actually go through it, you won’t be able to imagine what you are capable of.God will not let you carry more you are able to. God is our loving Father! His desire is for you to succeed in this life!We will continue tomorrow!I wish you abundant God’s blessings on this day!Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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