If a person does not serve God, then sooner or later his love towards Him will grow cold and he will forsake God!

Greetings to you on this wonderful day! This is a brand-new day. And God has prepared multitude of blessings for His children. He is a loving Father!Today I would like to bring to an end our talk on the talents God has given us and what we are doing with them.We talked about the fact that all great things begin small. We also talked about how faithfulness in small things promotes a person and places him over many things. We established that every one of us will give account of how we lived our life and the things we have done with our opportunities in life.We learned a lot while studying the parable of the talents. We saw that a person who faithfully uses and develops what he was given; – such a person receives God’s approval and promotion.But there is another reality. This same parable reveals what happens to the people that do not appreciate their gifts and talents that have been given to them by God, that run away from their calling and are inactive in the Kingdom of God. We must know the truth.Let’s consider again the reward of the third servant.First, the third servant received condemnation from the Lord. He lost everything he had. But, the most terrifying thing is that which is recorded in Mathew (25:30):
«And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
These images are used in the Bible to describe hell. We do not want to scare anybody, but these are the words of Jesus Christ Himself.All three servants in the parable of Jesus were called servants. That means that every one of them had acknowledged this man to be their lord. But according to the Scripture above (Mathew, 25:30), one of these servants was sent to hell.Jesus said: «He who has ears, let him hear!”If a person does not serve God, then sooner or later his love towards Him will grow cold and he will forsake God.Serving God is one of the ways you and I can maintain a good spiritual shape. It is one of the ways to grow spiritually. If a person is always on the receiving side and never gives anything, he will eventually die. For this reason, it is very important to serve God.There are so many people in the Church today who only call themselves believers; they simply go to church, read their Bible and pray; they fellowship with other believers, but serving God is not in the list of their priorities. These types of people do not even plan to accept the lordship of Jesus Christ. They allow themselves to just live and behave the way they want to, and the Word of God is not an authority for them. God’s Word for them is like a beautiful song or smart philosophy. They do not treat the Word of God and their calling seriously. People often play church. I want to tell you that it is a very dangerous game. If you have chosen to walk with God, then do that with full sincerity. If you have called Jesus Christ your Lord, then let Him fully control your life.We must understand that serving God is a very serious matter. What are you doing with your talents?Do not search for excuses; it is better to choose the road of daily obedience to God, and it will lead you to your calling and ministry. Through daily obedience to God, you will prepare yourself for your calling and ministry. Open your heart before God and be obedient to Him; do not resist Him when He tells you to do something. Do not compare yourself with others, but use what you have however small it might be. Be faithful to God every day!May God Almighty help you!Peace be to you!Pastor Rufus Ajiboye

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