Jesus came to fill the Earth with His glory

Good day dear friends! Welcome to the column “Daily word for spiritual strength”. I am glad to share the word of God with you.

Jesus didn´t come into this world to die on the cross so that people become religious and indifferent to God. Contrariwise, Jesus came to fill the Earth with His glory just like rivers fill the seas. Jesus set an example of what we have to do. Wherever Jesus showed up He stirred the place! Everywhere He showed up people responded to His visit both positively and negatively. Some of them said: “Watch the Messiah, He is the answer, He is the son of God!” while the others stated: “He is obsessed by demons, He is a sinner, blasphemer, He is dangerous, so He must die”.

Though, nobody was indifferent towards Jesus. People always discussed Him. The same way us, once we let Jesus work through our life, the place around us will be stirred, so nobody will stay indifferent. It will become difficult then, to ignore us, to avoid talking about us and the God we represent. People will definitely discuss our deeds. But what is even more important, God will be able to use us to carry out His plans. Today there are people in our town who say our church comes from God and that we are doing a good job. Meanwhile, the other category of people are sure we are a dangerous sect. That´s normal. Once the town becomes stirred by the living God, people will talk about us even more.

Jesus needed a donkey to enter Jerusalem according the prophesy, but there was a problem with the donkey, it was tied up. Jesus sent two of His disciples to solve that problem saying:

«Go into the village that is opposite you, and immediately you will find a donkey tied, and a colt with her. Untiethem, and bring them to me». (Matthew 21:2).

Can you see how Jesus stirred the city? He sent His disciples there. Today God has physical body no more, today His church represents His body. We are His hands, His feet, His mouth and His heart. If we refuse to collaborate with God, He will not be able to act or fulfil His will in our cities and our countries. So how can we collaborate with Him, so that the Holy Spirit can come? What do we have to do in order to witness spiritual revival filling our cities?

Let´s talk about it tomorrow! God bless you abundantly! Rufus Ajiboye, pastor

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